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‘Love and Vinyl’ spins a fascinating and funny story in a real record shop - DC Theatre Arts

Love and Vinyl’ by Bob Bartlett at KA-CHUNK Records - MD Theatre Guide

‘Love and Vinyl’ to mix it up at KA-CHUNK!! Records in Annapolis - DC Theatre Arts

A play about a werewolf, with the audience in the middle of the woods - The Washington Post

Psychological Drama Lures Guests Into the Woods - The Bay Weekly

See Bob Bartlett’s ‘Lýkos Ánthrōpos’ if you dare - DC Theatre Arts

Making Up Stories with Bob Bartlett - The Dramatist

Why Bob Bartlett is Putting on His New Play in His Own Backyard - DC Metro Theatre Arts

Artists persist: Playwright Bob Bartlett writes Starbucks romance MIXTAPE for Facebook audiences

Games, both old and new, power this reboot of ‘Edward II’ - The Washington Post

Stunning E2 Examines the Intersection of Sexuality and Power in Rep Stage Production- The Baltimore Sun

E2. British royals behaving badly. Bob Bartlett’s ambitious play gets a sexy production at Rep Stage - DC Theatre Scene

‘E2’ – Whipping up a royal froth of glitz and tragedy at Rep Stage - DC Metro Theatre Arts

Take Ten - Bob Bartlett

Accident Bear. How you can see the sold-out laundromat show - DC Theatre Scene

The Play Goer: Ever Seen a Play in a Laundromat? - Bay Weekly

Bob Bartlett’s ‘The Accident Bear’ at The Avenue Laundromat

‘The Accident Bear’ at The Avenue Laundromat - Maryland Theatre Guide

Bowie State playwright pens, produces a play in Annapolis laundromat

Trying to Fall Out of Love in a Laundromat: Playwright Bob Bartlett on ‘The Accident Bear’ - DC Metro Theatre Arts

A play… in a laundromat?? on Maryland Avenue?  - Eye on Annapolis

The Laundromat On Maryland Avenue Presents The World Premiere Of THE ACCIDENT BEAR - Broadway World

The Accident Bear, Bob Bartlett’s latest, born and now staged in an Annapolis laundromat - DC Theatre Scene

‘Swimming With Whales’ explores deep feelings at 1st Stage - The Washington Post 

A Message of Hopefulness - Connection

Bob Bartlett's Swimming with Whales Outstanding Debut at 1st Stage - DC Theatre Scene

Swimming With Whales at 1st Stage - Broadway World

'Swimming With Whales' at 1st Stage - DC Metro Theatre Arts 

How Playwright Bob Bartlett's personal story became part of Swimming With Whales - DC Theatre Scene

“Bareback Ink”: Ancient Greek Story of Ganymede Gets New Life on New York Stage - Huffington Post

Play recounts BSU student protests in '68

happiness (and other reasons to die) - Washington Post review

happiness (and other reasons to die) - DC Metro Theatre Arts review

happiness (and other reasons to die) - DC Theatre Scene review

The Welders production of 'happiness (and other reason to die)'

The Welders: The Birth of a Suicide Play

The Welders Welcome New Artistic Director

Write Out Front

Over 125 Playwrights to Participate in WRITE OUT FRONT Live at NYC's Drama Book Shop

Theatre Alliance's 12th Season to Include World Premieres, Readings, and More

Race, Gender, Sex, and Rights Pulse Through DC’s One-Minute Festival

Iron Crow Theatre presents mythology-inspired 'Bareback Ink' - Baltimore Sun

‘Bareback Ink’ at Iron Crow - Maryland Theatre Guide

Ink on the Canvas - Broadway World

‘Bareback Ink’ at Iron Crow Theatre Company - DC Metro Theatre Arts

New Playwrights Collective The Welders Set to Produce 5 New Plays in 3 Years

Stellar Productions' WHALES

Gays on the Fringe - DC City Paper

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